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Indoor Golf League Rules

Teams will consist of 2 players. Each team will play 8 rounds of regular season league
play. League matches consist of 9 holes at one of our simulated courses each week.
Teams will be able to choose from the club’s pre-determined days and times that works
best for them on a weekly basis. Tee times will be in 1 hour 30-minute blocks per
two-man team. Please give us a call at (561) 757-0116 with any additional league

League Play

• March 13th thru May 8th.

• Playoffs start May 8th and follow for two weeks.

• League Fee’s: $350 Per Player

• $700 per Team

• League Fees must be paid in full at
your time of registration.

• Prizes

• 1st Place 10 hours store credit (5 hours per player)

• 2nd Place 6 hours store credit (3 hours per player)

• 3rd Place 4 hours store credit (2 hours per player)

• Cash Prize for teams that buy in.

• Regular Season will be 9 hole, team net format, with individual established league

• Playoffs will be good old fashion 9 hole match play with strokes given based on
simulator handicaps. Both Teams must be present in the same bay at the same time for
all playoff matches.

•The Championship will be 18 hole match play.

Tee times are required for all league play

Call (561) 757-0116 to reserve your time each week, please state you are doing league
League play tee times will be open Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from
12-8pm If you would like to schedule a specific tee time each week, please let us know
your preferred day and time when you register.

We will do our best to accommodate,
but it is not guaranteed.

Simulator Rules

• All players must wash their balls and clubs prior to each round. Any dirt on either will
transfer to the screen. If you do not have a clean ball we will have some for you to use.
No Sharpie marks on any balls.

• No cleats may be worn while using the simulator.•

• Only hit from the designated hitting area.

• Must be at least 18 years of age to play.


• Handicap will be established after your first two rounds. They will continue to be
adjusted every 2 rounds throughout the season. Once your team establishes a
handicap after 6 rounds it will remain throughout the rest of the rounds, season and

• Handicaps are based on league rounds only.

• Teams will be made up of two players.

• Each team will play one 9-hole round. League rounds may be played at any time
during the scheduled league play times, but must be completed by the deadline

Matches/Time Limits

• A minimum of (1) 9-hole round will be scheduled each week.

• Players can play as far as 3 rounds ahead. Example: Kevin needs to go out of town
and will not have access to the Simulator for 3 weeks. He could play those rounds
before he leaves to stay current. He CAN NOT make the rounds up after those rounds
are closed.

• Group of 2 (One Team): One Hour to complete 9-hole round.

• Group of 4 (Two Teams): Two Hours to complete 9-hole round.

Score Reporting

• You are required to take a picture of your final scorecard for that week and leave it up
on the screen until the facility manager can come over and record it.

No Mulligan’s will be permitted at any time

• However, if the system has an error, please report to the staff member and they will set
a mulligan for you.


Example: Player A and Player B are on a team. Player A is a 6 handicap and Player B
is a 10 handicap. Player A shoots a 41, his handicap is subtracted from the total score,
44 – 6 = 38.

Player B shoots a 50, his handicap is subtracted from the total score, 50-10= 40.
The score for team A/B is 38+40=78.

• Scoring: Each week, each team competes against all other teams in the league

Example: If there are 10 teams in the league, the lowest net team total (70) will receive
10 points, the second lowest team net (73) receives 9 points, third lowest (76), 8 points,

• Regular season league stroke play matches are for handicapping and seeding

• The gimme range is set to 12ft. for the first 2 weeks of league and will be set to 10ft.
for the remainder of the season.

• A maximum Score for any hole is double par.!

• USGA rules of golf are enforced where applicable.

Other Important Items

• Please be aware that updates to fsx play may sometimes produce certain glitches; the
most recent example appears to come up on lateral drops from a hazard. The player
who just dropped or sometimes the player who is up next after a lateral drop will in
some rare cases appear to not have a shot. In this instance most times the issue can be
resolved by issuing a mulligan to the player who originally hit in the hazard. In the event
this or something similar were to occur the player who was in the hazard will finish the
hole with the mulligan and then the strokes will be manually adjusted at the end of the

• In the event the program were to restart mid round all players scores and current
position will be saved and easily restarted from the exact spot of their current shot.

• In order to uphold the fairness of the league, this decision will be left to the discretion
of league administrators.

• Lauderdale Links is committed to making our first league as
fun and fair as possible for everyone.

Cash Prize

• A cash buy in will be available for all teams. The price for the cash pool is $100 per
team.Team must choose to buy in before the first league rounds are played.This money
is separate from the league price and 100% collected will be awarded to the winner of
the league. Teams are not required to participate in the cash prize pool, however only
the teams that chose to buy in will be eligible to win the cash.

The amount will be
determined by how many teams chose to enter. Example if there are 12 teams in the
league and only 10 teams buy in the prize would be $1000. In the event the winner of
the league did not buy in,the cash will be awarded to the highest ranking team that is in
the cash pool.